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Madhav Villa

Perhaps we do not introduce Anjar because we all know that it is an ancient city and tehsil with historical importance, located in East of Kutch District around 25 km away from one of the biggest ports in India – Kandla Port and 50 km away from another important port of Mundra. The city is under Municipal Corporation near Airport Authority of Kandla. Once upon a time it was made as capital of Kutch and the city is also famous for different ancient temples. The GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) has attracted many big Industrialists to set up their business in Anjar and throughout in Kutch. It has now turned to a large business centre as well as job centre in Kutch. Companies like Welspun, Genus, MANN Engineering, Videocon are successfully growing up their target of business from here. Swords and knives made in Anjar and nearby villages are exported even outside of India. Anjar is also famous for its ethnic cloths, handicrafts and metal crafts.

Madhav Villa is a rare combination of modern luxurious and spacious bungalows and nature which is embedded with flowers and plants for fresh air and greenery. This project is one of the best formations in Kutch and also in Sourashtra. Madhav Villa is under Municipal Corporation and AADA (Anjar Area Development Authority) sanctioned earthquake resistant residential project at Anjar. Total area of construction is more than 6 lac square ft within the land capacity of above 1 lac square yards. It is containing 234 bungalows and shopping mall with all the modern amenities only for the society members



Jogging area is surrounded by garden with a wide of range track providing pleasantry views across the track. The track also accommodates resting facilities for those wishing to take breath. Resting and Meditation facilities are located at regular intervals along the track. Street lighting also available around the track for evening or early morning jogs.


To remember the demands of today’s fitness regimen, an indoor gymnasium is located in the southern part of this township near swimming pool together with separate changing room for ladies and gents equipped with modern machineries. Modern machineries are mostly for cardio specific exercise as well as muscle building equipment. An experienced trainer will be available for necessary guidance.


A magnificent swimming pool along with filtration plant is located adjacent to the gymnasium with separate (ladies/gents) changing room facilities and shower thereof. Necessary guidance will be provided by an expert swimming coach. Waterproof lighting is provided in the pool for enjoying swimming at late evening.


An area is located in the north side of the Madhav Villa for outdoor games like foot ball, cricket, volley ball, basket ball, tennis etc. with fellow residents. This area is isolated with internal boundary wall.


The children’s park is located in the southern most part of this township with modern games and rides and other enjoyable playing items for kids. It is convenient for parents that their kids are growing up in front of them with such a beautiful park surrounded by plants and trees.


After a long struggle in working life, a peaceful and non-hazardous life is very much essential for senior citizens. To keep it in mind, we allotted a special area to the senior citizens with beautiful greenery to relax themselves and enjoy the rest of the period of life. It is located at the extreme south of this plot. Necessary sitting arrangement and sufficient street lights in the park are available for their convenience.

Party Plot with AC Community Hall

A party plot is provided for organizing functions or get together on different occasions. Party plot is located in the centre of the Madhav Villa. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapping with  different types of flowers and green grass in surface which added a special scenic beauty of the plot. An AC Community Hall with large gathering along with separate four rooms for various needs is available for enjoying functions and parties by the society members. An attractive stage is made in the community hall framing with flowers and lights for enjoying special type of functions/ occasions. Kitchen is built within the plot with all types of utensils and Crockeries .


A lush garden located in centre point the Madhav Villa which is full of different types of trees and flowers. The beauty of nature, perfection of creation pleases everyone.


In a “close-coupled” storage tank for Solar Water Heater (SWH) System is horizontally mounted immediately above the solar collectors on the roof of each bungalow. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through thermo siphon flow. SWH system is designed to deliver hot water in kitchen and the bathrooms for most of the year.

Internal CC Roads

A well built concrete road will be available through out the society. At the junction of each road, a display board will be placed for identifying the names of owners of the particular bungalows.


The total common area including corner point of every internal road, CCTV camera will be provided to avoid of any type crime or accident. This will be under control of Security-in-Charge of the villa.

For prohibition of entry of non-identity outsiders an intercom telephone connection will be provided in each bungalow for regular connection with security cabin.

Water Supply

An underground tank of 2 lac liter capacity and an overhead tank will be provided for the society. Besides this an Overhead water tank is also provided in each bungalow for 24 hours of water supply with full pressure. In case of fault in power, DG facility is also available to avoid any inconvenience due to lack of water.


A specially designed horticulture landscaping is located in front of Madhav villa to achieve the environmental aesthetics with modern concept. Rare collection of plants and flowers attracts everyone for its colourful beauty. It will be maintained by trained personnel throughout the year.

Sewerage System

It is built with planned sewerage system to drain out waste water and rain water to avoid clogging of water even during heavy monsoon. While all tubes and fittings are used within the building area of reputed are brand, outside drainage is constructed in covered design for healthy life.

Street Lights

The total area of Madhav Villa is surrounded by sufficient number of street lights. The main gate area is also well lighted along with other connected roads and common areas of the society. Power back is also available in case of failure of electricity.

DG Set (Power Backup Provisions)

Power backup system through DG Set is available in the common areas as described in above in case of failure of power. DG Set is located in the separated area of north side of Madhav Villa.

Boundary Wall

The total boundary of the Madhav Villa will be surrounded by concrete wall with secured grill on the upper side of the wall. The whole boundary will be well lighted for beautification as also security purpose.


The total area of Madhav Villa is covered with boundary for security purpose. The Security Cabin for security guard will be available in front of the two main gates. For tight security, CCTV and Intercom facility will be available in the society.

Maintenance Staff

A Welfare Committee from bungalow holders will be formed for observing day to day work done by all the staffs for their particular responsibilities. Maintenance staff like Gardener, Sweeper will be provided for maintenance of common areas like garden, senior citizen park, children’s park, swimming pool, gymnasium, party plot, community hall etc.


We all like to start our days after some prayer and meditation of God. To keep this pure manner in mind, a well designed, large space is exclusively reserved in the society for temple where the deities and idols will be kept for daily prayer, worship and meditation. Special attraction of AARTI for two times in a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening can get pleasure to the society members from such a heavenly atmosphere.


An area is located for canteen of the society members only where fresh and tasty vegetarian meals will be served with reasonable rates. Members do not have to go to outside for relishing the taste of food. Passing leisure time with good and tasty food as well as snacks for different occasions or without occasions will be available from time to time in this canteen.


This is the first time in Saurashtra, we are going to introduce LOCKER SYSTEM in the residential surroundings of Madhav Villa. One secured locker like vault in the bank will be available to anyone member of a particular family of each bungalow. The locker will be operated only by the member who is registered for occupying the locker with the specific key. Society members may lead tension free life because tight security for 24 hours will be available.


A two storied shopping mall is located at the centre of the society which makes life easy for the society members as all the essential commodities will be available under the one roof. Members may purchase fruits, vegetables and other basic day to day essential commodities from the shopping mall.